4 Perfectly Good Reasons To Choose Clear Aligners As An Orthodontic Treatment

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Straight teeth are what many individuals desire. Sometimes individuals want straighter teeth as adults, but they might not want to wear traditional braces. Clear aligners are a modern-day alternative to wire braces. The treatment times are comparable to or shorter than traditional braces. the length of treatment varies due to several factors such as the severity of the bite issue or crookedness of the teeth. The following points highlight a few reasons for individuals to consider clear aligners.

Correct Oral Issues Related to Tooth Decay

Clear aligners can help to stop recurring issues such as tooth decay. Dentists may recommend them to individuals who are at risk for tooth decay. Crook and crowded teeth can make dental hygiene more difficult, which increases the likelihood of tooth decay. Individuals might find it difficult to floss between their teeth. 

Correct Imperfections That Affect Self-Esteem

Countless individuals dislike their smiles due to common issues that can be corrected with orthodontic treatments. These individuals may cover their mouths when they smile, or they may not laugh or smile with an open mouth. They may have concerns about getting traditional braces because of the noticeable wires. This makes clear aligners a good option for discreet orthodontic treatment. 

Continue Enjoying a Wide Selection of Foods

Individuals with traditional braces have restricted diets during their orthodontic treatment. This is because some types of food put the metal brackets at risk of breaking. Clear aligners are removed when it is time to eat. This leaves little room for the aligners to get damaged and means that individuals can enjoy more of the foods they like. Food can get trapped in between the wires of traditional braces and may be difficult to remove, which could cause tooth decay. Individuals with clear aligners remove them to perform their toothbrushing and flossing.

Correct a Variety of Bite Issues

Bite issues can cause issues with individuals being able to chew their food. It can also cause jaw issues such as TMJ. Clear aligners can fix bite issues such as malocclusion, crossbite, overbite, or underbite. Each series of treatments includes adding a new set of aligners to gradually correct misalignments. This can eliminate or reduce jaw pain. 

An orthodontist or cosmetic dentist are good resources to use to learn more about clear aligners. They can educate individuals on how they will need to take care of their aligners and the expected length of treatment. Treatment solutions such as Invisalign can correct bite issues, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth. Straight teeth offer many benefits such as improved self-esteem and better health.

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