5 Benefits Of Using A Salt Water Rinse

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There are many reasons that someone will want to use a salt water rinse, which is typically due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you were not aware of what a salt water rinse can do for you, it will definitely help to know of the various benefits to your oral health. 

Salt Water Can Relieve Toothaches 

Toothaches are caused by some type of inflammation or irritation within your mouth, and over-the-counter pain relievers can relieve any discomfort due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the drug. That's why it makes sense that a salt water rinse with antibacterial properties will help as well with irritation and inflammation. Simply swishing salt water around your mouth will help that affected area feel better, and give you some time to visit your dentist to see what is happening to cause the pain. 

Salt Water Can Remove Tonsil Stones 

Were you aware that you could remove tonsil stones by gargling with some warm salt water? The salt water rinse is going to help dislodge the tonsil stones in your mouth, which will reduce the swelling and inflammation you are experiencing. This can be especially helpful if those tonsil stones are in a hard-to-reach place. 

Salt Water Can Relieve A Sore Throat

A sore throat is caused by harmful microorganisms affecting the throat and causing inflammation. Salt water will clear any mucus and other secretions that this problem is causing, which will relieve congestion and make your throat feel better. Try using a salt water rinse several times to help give you some relief from the discomfort that your sore throat is causing.

Salt Water Can Soothe Gum Disease Discomfort

Gum disease is caused by having an excessive amount of bacteria in your gums, and a salt water rinse can help deal with the discomfort it is causing in mild cases. Using a salt water rinse should soothe the area and reduce any inflammation and swelling in the gums. This can provide some temporary relief if you are experiencing pain, but it will not do anything to cure your gum disease. You'll need to go to a dentist and have them remove all of the bacteria to help your gums actually heal. 

Salt Water Can Treat Canker Sores

Do you have canker sores in your mouth? A salt water rinse can actually help dry out the canker sore and help it heal faster. It creates an environment where bacteria will not cause the canker sore to grow, and speed up the process to give you relief.

Reach out to a local dentist to learn more.