Is A Smile Makeover More Than Just A Luxury?

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Cosmetic procedures can seem like a luxury, but cosmetic dentistry is often far more important than many realize. A smile makeover is typically a complex process that often involves numerous steps and stages, with the goal of drastically improving the appearance of your smile. Makeovers aren't one-size-fits-all procedures, so their length and complexity will vary from patient to patient.

While there's no denying that building a new smile from the ground up will make a huge difference in your appearance, it can also have many other unexpected benefits. While these procedures technically fall under the purview of cosmetic dentistry, here are just three ways a smile makeover is more than skin (or enamel!) deep.

1. Improved Confidence

A healthy smile can improve your appearance, but it can also have unexpected effects. For example, it's well-known that a healthy smile can boost confidence. In many situations, your smile may consciously or unconsciously be the focus of those you're speaking with, including in professional settings.

If you're unhappy with the appearance of your smile or even embarrassed by your teeth, it can be easy to find yourself intimidated in these situations. Creating a smile that you love can be a great way to boost your confidence, allowing you to put your best foot forward without focusing on what others may be thinking about your teeth.

2. Healthier Living

Diet and exercise are the two cornerstones of healthy living, but there can be a circular relationship between your diet and oral health. A poor diet can lead to problems such as cavities or tooth decay, but severe issues with your teeth can also make it challenging to eat healthy food. Missing teeth, malocclusions, and other dental issues can make eating some foods uncomfortable or painful.

What distinguishes a smile makeover from other cosmetic dental procedures is its goal to improve your whole smile rather than focus on one or two problems. As a result, you'll often gain much better function and substantially improved appearance. These benefits will allow you to enjoy foods of all kinds, including those that support a healthy lifestyle.

3. Better Overall Oral Health

Unfortunately, many oral health problems can lead to other, more severe issues. Missing or damaged teeth may be more prone to infection, and small misalignments can reduce support for your other teeth, creating even more severe misalignments over time. In other words, a few small problems can lead to progressively worse oral health as you age.

Working with a cosmetic dentist to perform a smile makeover is an excellent way to "reset" your oral health, solving problems that affect your smile's appearance and your health in general. Solving these problems now will boost your confidence and make it easier to keep your teeth strong for many years.

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