Restoring Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic issues with your teeth and gums can be an embarrassing problem to experience. In fact, it can lead to individuals having serious self-confidence issues. There are many potential cosmetic dental issues that you can experience, but you may be surprised to learn that there is a wide range of treatments available to help you improve your smile.

Removing Severe Staining

Severe staining is a significant dental issue that you can experience. Home whitening kits will be among the first steps that people will try to use when they start to develop staining issues. However, these kits are only effective for minor to mild staining. If you are suffering from severe dental staining, you may have to undergo professional treatments to remove the discoloration. For example, a cosmetic dentist can use laser whitening and other advanced techniques to remove the pigments from the teeth. In cases where the stains simply cannot be fully removed, veneers may be an option for restoring the color of your smile.

Reshaping Teeth With Damage Or Developmental Issues

There are some types of damage or developmental issues that will impact the shape of your teeth. Individuals may not appreciate the full range of treatment options for misshapen teeth. One solution for this cosmetic dental problem can be the use of bonding. This will allow the cosmetic dentist to manually adjust the shape of the tooth until it looks more natural and matches the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Crowns can be another commonly used solution. In addition to restoring the shape of the tooth, the crown will also be capable of providing substantial protection to it by reinforcing the tooth.

Correcting Gumline Issues

Issues with your teeth may not be the only source of cosmetic dental problems. Your gumline can also be a major feature of your smile. However, it can be possible for the gumline to be too high or low. Both of these issues can increase the risk of developing significant issues with the teeth. For example, a gumline that is too low can expose more of the teeth to the risk of decay forming. Luckily, there are gum shaping procedures that you can use in order to address these issues. These procedures can be used to remove gums that are too high on the teeth, and they can be used to graft supplemental gum tissue onto areas where it is too low. After going through this procedure, it is especially important to follow the recovery instructions so that you can avoid infections or other complications.

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