Front Teeth Focus: What Dental Patients Should Know

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Have you heard the term "the social six"? This term refers to your front teeth that are visible to people when you speak and eat. Even though all your teeth are important, many people see the health and appearance of their front teeth as a gauge of their dental health in general. Unfortunately, problems with those visible teeth can be a sign of more significant issues for all the teeth.

Cavities on the Teeth

Many people have experienced cavities on their back teeth. The wider chewing surface can make those molars more exposed to all the bad things that cause decay along with the extra strain caused by chewing hard foods. People that brush and floss as they should tend to get fewer cavities. Those who visit the dentist on a regular basis tend to have less damage to repair than others when things do go wrong. What you eat, your dental hygiene habits, your DNA, and how often you visit the dentist all contribute to your dental health.

The Life Stage of a Cavity

Cavities are caused by bacteria. When bacteria remain on the surface of the tooth, it forms a sticky substance that might as well be acid. This substance wears away your enamel and waits for an opening to invade and affect the dentin, which is behind the enamel. If left untreated, the pulp or nerve of the tooth is affected. That means a lot of pain for most people.

Cavities on the Front Teeth

Below are listed a few issues that can make some people more prone to cavities on the front teeth:

  • Even though your enamel is a very hard substance on all your teeth, your front teeth don't contain as much dentin as other thicker teeth. That means a cavity can happen a lot quicker on a front tooth.
  • Those who have worn or are currently wearing orthodontic devices like braces may not be cleaning around the front brackets well enough.
  • Some adults have drinking and eating habits that call for unhealthy acids and sugars to be in contact with their front teeth for longer periods than that of their back teeth.
  • Some people who are missing back teeth will use their front teeth for masticating (crushing and tearing). With a healthy mouth, that job is reserved for the back molars.

Dental decay can be dealt with no matter the location. To learn more, check online or click here