How A Series Of Aligners Will Straighten Teeth

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A series of aligners are prepared at the onset of an Invisalign treatment program. This type of treatment will take time to complete and will be dependent upon the current placement of a client's teeth and their facial structure. 

An Exam And An Imaging Process

A dental examination may result in being referred to an orthodontist. Orthodontics is a specialized dental field that addresses misaligned teeth and corrective procedures. An initial appointment with an orthodontist will require a visual inspection of the teeth. If an orthodontist recommends tooth aligners, they may schedule a subsequent appointment to have 3-D imaging performed.

Three-dimensional imaging captures a true representation of the shape of each tooth. The imaging is used to create a series of aligners. An orthodontist will require a patient to wear several sets of aligners during the treatment process. This amount could vary from patient to patient. Aligning teeth typically lasts for several months. Each aligner's job is to apply consistent force to a specific amount of teeth. The teeth will slowly move while the aligners are being worn.

The Treatment Process

Aligners will need to be worn all day and during the evening hours. It is not uncommon for an orthodontist to recommend that a patient wears their aligners overnight. The aligners will not disrupt one's sleep. They can safely be worn in the mouth while performing everyday tasks. If a patient fails to wear their aligners for the amount of time that has been recommended, the treatment progress may be disrupted.

An orthodontist will have a specific timeframe in mine, in which each aligner will need to be worn. The aligners need to be worn in consecutive order. An orthodontist can pinpoint how much teeth will move while treatment is actively being conducted. When a patient returns to their orthodontist for a subsequent office visit, an orthodontist may request that the patient removes their aligners.

Afterward, they will examine the patient's teeth, to ensure that they have moved as much as the orthodontist had planned on. If the treatment process is moving in a smooth manner, an orthodontist will dispose of the first pair of aligners and will provide the patient with another pair to wear. This process will continue until a patient has worn all of the aligners that have been created for the individual. Once a patient's teeth have been successfully straightened, they will no longer need to wear any aligners.