4 Common Questions About Teeth Whitenings

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Have you been thinking about whitening your teeth, but do not know a lot about it? You will likely have the following questions about the process before you make a decision about teeth whitening.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful? 

One common concern that people have about this kind of cosmetic dentistry is if the process is painful. Thankfully, the teeth whitening procedure is pain-free when performed correctly by a professional. Your dentist will take precautions to make sure that your gums are not irritated during the procedure, and that you will not feel anything during the actual whitening process. 

However, some people report that they have sensitive teeth afterward, which is normal and will go away. You may be told to switch to a sensitive teeth toothpaste after the whitening procedure to help with any discomfort.

Will Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

If you are worried about the teeth whitening process damaging your teeth, rest assured that whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. It is not going to cause damage to your enamel, since the whitening procedure is only going to impact the color of the dentin instead of actually affecting your enamel. This can make you feel at ease that the strongest part of your teeth will remain protected.

Will Existing Dental Work Be Damaged?

Teeth whitening will not have any effect on crowns, filling, and any other dental work that you may have already had done. One thing to keep in mind is that the whitening process is only going to impact the color of your natural tooth, and won't change the color of any fillings or crowns. 

If you have a resin filing on the front surface of your teeth that is visible to others, the surrounding natural tooth will become whiter than the resin filling as a result. Your dentist can correct this problem so that your dental work blends in seamlessly. 

How Long Will Teeth Whitening Last?

The length that your teeth whitening procedure will last really depends on your personal habits. If you immediately go back to things you are custom to such as drinking coffee, smoking, and drinking red wine, then your teeth whitening treatment is going to last shorter than if you didn't do those things. While most teeth whitening procedures last for about a year, it's possible that your habits can cause the whitening to last anywhere between 6 months and 3 years