4 Signs You Need A Dental Care Services

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Regular dental examinations and treatments can help protect your teeth and improve your oral health. Most dental problems can be treated when your dentist discovers them early. However, some people find it challenging to know when is the best time to visit a dentist. The following are four signs you need a dental checkup.

1. It's Been Six Months Since Your Last Visit

If six months have passed since your last dentist visit, you need to book an appointment. Some dentists will send you a notice, but you should also have a reminder. During these visits, your dentist will professionally clean your teeth and look for signs of decay or gum disease. They will also examine the depth of your gum pockets to determine your gum health.

After the examination, they will explain the results and let you ask any questions. If you have any warning signs, they will give you the way forward and explain possible treatments or whether there is a need for further checkups. If you have none, they will provide some dental care tips to observe before the next visit.

2. Toothache

If you are experiencing toothaches, it's time for a dental checkup. A toothache can be triggered by several causes, including a broken tooth, a damaged filling, tooth decay, infected gums, or a tooth abscess. Toothaches are painful and can lead to headaches, fever, and swelling. Therefore, you should visit a dentist immediately.

Painkillers and home remedies like a cold compress or saltwater rinse can only take you so far because the pain is likely to recur. A dentist will examine your teeth using advanced equipment to discover the root of the problem. Then, they will administer the right solution, which can be medications or an extraction.

If your tooth is broken, the dentist can use crowns, veneers, bonding, or root canal treatments. In the case of a damaged filling, the professional can replace the filling.

3. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel is worn out, or a root is exposed. It can also be caused by a cracked tooth, gum disease, or cavity. When you have sensitive teeth, you feel a sharp pain upon taking hot or cold drinks. You will also feel discomfort when biting or chewing.

4. Bleeding Gums

If you notice your gums are bleeding regularly, you need a dental examination. Bleeding gums can be due to gingivitis, scurvy, ill-fitting dental appliances, brushing too hard, or improper flossing. Your dentist will determine the cause of the bleeding and offer you a suitable treatment.

These signs serve as warnings that you need a dental checkup. If you are experiencing these or any other oral problems, you should get professional help soon to prevent further problems.