3 Different Types Of Dental Implants

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Missing a tooth can have a big impact on your ability to both eat and speak properly. If you have a missing tooth, you are going to want to replace that missing tooth. A dental implant is one way to fix the damage that a missing tooth can have on your life. When it comes to a dental implant, you have a few different options.

#1: Single Dental Implant

If you just have one missing tooth, you can get a single dental implant. With a single dental implant, a metal post is placed in your jawbone using a surgical process. The process is designed to be relatively pain-free. The post is going to have to fuse with your bone. This process takes multiple months to complete.

When the post has fully fused with your jawbone and the healing process is completed, then a custom crown is connected to the post. The tooth is connected using an abutment. The new tooth is going to look just like all your existing teeth.

#2: Implant-Supported Bridge

If you have more than one tooth that needs to be replaced, and the tooth is right next to each other. With a dental bridge, you are going to need to have two posts attached to your jawbone. The surgical process will take a little longer to put the two posts into place, but the overall healing process should be about the same.

With an implant-supported bridge, you will have two dental crowns that will be attached to the posts that have bonded with your jawbone. In between the two crowns that are attached to the post is a third artificial tooth. The artificial tooth in the middle is supported by the two caps that are attached to the metal posts in your jawline.

#3: Implant-Retain Denture

If you are missing the majority of your teeth on either the lower or upper jaw, you can get an implant-retained denture. An implant-retained denture is designed to rest on your jawline. Unlike regular dentures, which you have to constantly take in and out of your mouth, with implant-retained dentures, they are secured in place with four dental implants that are implanted into your jaw along your arch. Your dentures are attached to the posts, allowing you to have a full set of teeth that don't move around.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you will want to discuss the possibility of a dental implant with your dentist. Dental implants can make it easier to eat and chew and give you back the structure you need in your mouth. 

To learn more about dental implants, talk to your dentist.