Why Dental Implants Are Best Suited To Adults, Not Children

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There are many ways in which the treatment of conditions and injuries is similar between children and adults, but in some crucial areas, there are differences that have very obvious reasons. If you or someone in your family has had dental implant surgery, then you know just how beneficial it can be. Not only does it more accurately mimic natural teeth than other implants, but it is more secure and longer-lasting. So why, then, are dental implants recommended only for adults? Here is a quick outline of why dental implant surgery is not recommended for those below the age of 18.

The Jaw Needs To Finish Growing

Dental implant surgery involves the connection of the implants into the jawbone with strong materials that do not allow for movement. Considering that most children's jaws still continue to grow until they are adults, this rules them out for being safe candidates for the procedure. While it is still sometimes done, the risks are very well explained to both the parents and the child, and there have to be other circumstances that make them a more viable candidate. In general, dental implant surgery is best left for fully-formed and stronger jawbones.

It Is Not Just Children That Are Ruled Out From Dental Implants

When surgeons take on any type of procedure, they do so only when the risk is very, very minimal to the patient's continued health. That is why children are generally ruled out, and it can also be why extremely old patients are ruled out as well. Dental implant surgery can be quite invasive and tough on older bones, which is why if your dentist recommends you get them as an older adult, you should do so immediately. Still, this is quite rare, and only the very oldest are recommended against this type of surgery for health and safety reasons. 

Why Dental Implants Are So Good

With so many restrictions on who can get them, it may seem like implants are not a cure-all for missing teeth. However, dental implants are generally considered the best replacement for teeth there is. The deep base that often molds with the jawbone means there is virtually zero chance of any future problems. This makes your eating and chewing feel much more natural. Their care is also similar to natural teeth. If your child needs dental implants but is too young, then often parents will simply wait a few years until they are old enough, and then get the surgery done. Dental implant surgery is a permanent solution, which is why dentists are cautious about who they agree to perform it on. Safety always comes first.