Pediatric Dental Care Considerations For New Parents

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The dental care needs that a child will have can be far more intensive than a new parent may expect. This can lead to instances where the parent may be accidentally neglecting their child's dental care in a way that could lead to serious problems in both the near and far future.

Break Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is one of the habits that children can have a notoriously difficult time breaking. While a parent might think that this behavior is harmless enough, it can actually pose some serious problems for a child's dental development. One of the most immediate threats that this will pose can be the risk of the child developing cavities or gum disease as a result of the bacteria from their thumb getting transferred to their teeth. Additionally, the pressure that this places on the teeth can make potential alignment issues far more severe.

Emphasize Flossing

Parents will usually make a concerted effort to get their children to brush their teeth three times a day. While this is one of the most important steps for keeping your child's teeth healthy, parents will often neglect to emphasize flossing as well as brushing. If your child fails to develop sound flossing habits, they will continue to remain vulnerable to cavities as these can form in the spaces between the teeth. It is common for children to dislike flossing, but you can help to make this experience more enjoyable by opting for a flavored dental floss. Furthermore, flossing at the same time as your child can allow you to teach them the correct technique while also setting a positive example.

Address Cosmetic Issues Early

Having a smile that has cosmetic issues can make a child very self-conscious about their appearance. Not surprisingly, parents will usually want to ensure that their child has the best smile possible, but they may fail to appreciate the need to address cosmetic issues early. When a parent fails to take prompt action for addressing cosmetic issues with their child's, these issues can lead to major impacts on the child's appearance while also being more expensive and difficult to treat. During your child's yearly dental visits, the pediatric dentist will be able to assess the development of your child's teeth and gums so that potential cosmetic issues are caught early. This will allow your child to have these potentially major issues corrected before they have too great of an impact on their smile.

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