Two Reasons Why It's So Important To Replace Those Missing Teeth

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Losing a tooth can be a rather traumatic experience. If the tooth is in the back of your mouth it's a bit easier to hide, but when it happens to one of the teeth that would usually be highly visible to other people the situation becomes even harder to deal with. If it's been some time since you lost the tooth you might have learned how to live with it and are content to leave things as they are; this is a big mistake because teeth are about so much more than just cosmetics. A prosthodontist can help you replace those missing teeth, and once you read through the following tips you'll see why it's so critical for you to make an appointment with them right away.

Missing Teeth Could Be Affecting The Ones You Have Left

After a tooth is gone it would seem that it no longer plays a major role in determining how the other teeth perform. The exact opposite is actually true: when a tooth goes missing the teeth that surrounded it could start to shift. You have to remember that each tooth works in conjunction with the surrounding teeth to keep them lined up. If one is missing then it has a big effect on the others.

You need to get a placeholder so you won't risk messing up the alignment of your remaining teeth. A prosthodontist might suggest a dental implant or maybe a bridge; whatever solution they recommend it is sure to be geared toward replacing your missing teeth in a way that will work best for you.

Your Facial Profile Could Be Suffering

A good, strong profile can really make you feel good about yourself. You may have seen people who look absolutely fantastic because they have such a great profile; it's strong, proud, and just begs you to take notice. Much of this could be due to the fact that they have a full set of teeth. When you're missing teeth, your cheeks and outer portions of your mouth tend to sink in at those spots. The condition could make you look older than you actually are and really doesn't do much to create the kind of striking jawline that attracts others.

You shouldn't have to go another day without a set of teeth that makes you want to smile at everyone you meet. Work with your dentist to come up with a solution and move forward on it right away.