Foods And Drinks To Avoid After A Cavity Extraction

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In most cases, a tooth that has a cavity can be repaired with a filling or a crown. But, when a tooth is decayed beyond repair, a cavity extraction may be needed. When your dentist does a cavity extraction, the entire tooth is removed from the gums. It is not uncommon to experience some discomfort and pain after a cavity extraction, and it can take some time for the area where the tooth was extracted to heal. Thus, during your recovery period from a cavity extraction, you will need to be careful of what you eat and drink. Avoid the following foods and beverages after a cavity extraction:


Soda is a very popular beverage, and some people enjoy consuming one or more cans of soda on a daily basis. However, if you're having a cavity extraction, it is in your best interest to avoid this carbonated drink for several days. The carbonation in soda can weaken the blood clot in the socket where the tooth was pulled, and can possibly dislodge the clot.


After a cavity extraction, it is essential to avoid alcohol until your mouth has completely recovered. Drinking alcohol after a cavity extraction can interrupt the healing process and may cause additional swelling, pain, and discomfort. Just say no to a cocktail until your mouth has completely healed from your extraction.

Crunchy Foods

While you're at home recovering from a cavity extraction, you may crave some crunchy snacks. No matter how tempting chips or pretzels may sound, it is best to avoid them and consume soft foods instead. Crunchy foods that are not easy to chew can get stuck in the socket where the tooth was pulled; when particles of food get stuck in the socket it can lead to a serious infection that will require antibiotics and additional dental care.

Spicy Foods

A lot of people enjoy spicy food on a daily basis, but you need to skip your spicy staples after a cavity extraction. The spicy compounds in spicy food can break down the blood clot that forms in the socket, which can lead to a very painful condition called dry socket where the nerves and tissue are exposed.

Foods with Seeds

Like crunchy foods, foods that contain seeds, such as sesame seeds or poppy seeds, can get stuck in a healing socket. If these small seeds remain lodged in the tooth socket, the gums can begin to heal over the seeds which can cause a major infection. 

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