Getting A Dental Implant? Some Common Concerns About Using Titanium

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Have you lost a tooth and looking for a way to replace it? Your dentist may have recommended getting a dental implant to fix the missing tooth. Implants are definitely changing the way people think about replacing missing teeth since implants can look and feel completely natural. However, some people may be concerned with the titanium that is placed into the jawbone so that the implant is secure. Here are two questions you may have about using titanium:

Can You Be Allergic To Titanium?

While the chances are slim, it is possible that you will be allergic to the titanium used in a dental implant. The chances are low, with there being a 4% chance that you are allergic to the metal. Be aware that titanium metal is used for more than dental implants. In fact, titanium is used in other medical procedures, such as securing a plate to a broken bone.

You may be aware of an existing titanium allergy due to the metal being used in all sorts of products that range from sunscreen to toothpaste, and is obviously found in jewelry that you wear. If you are concerned, ask your dentist about taking a test to see if you are allergic to titanium.

If you have an implant without realizing you have an allergy, you'll have various signs of an allergic reaction. This includes pain, swelling, and a rash. It is also possible that the implant will not fully integrate with the jawbone and will fail.

Are There Alternatives To Using Titanium?

You can always get an implant with a material other than titanium. Zirconium is one material that will integrate well with the jawbone since it is known to perform well when put into the body. The material also works well because it will not fracture under pressure or corrode over time.

As for aesthetics, some patients will notice a difference when using a zirconium implant when it comes to the color of their gums. The implant itself is a white color, which helps the gums maintain a pink color rather than look a bit dark. This highly depends on how translucent your gums are since people will react differently to dental implants.

A Zirconium implant is also constructed as one solid piece, so there are fewer places where bacteria can become trapped around the implant.

Still not sure if you should use titanium for your dental implant? A dentist can provide further assistance to guide your decision. Contact an office like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC for more information and assistance.