Sensitive Teeth And Ice Cream Vendors: Why This Is Such A Problem

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Ice cream vendors spend a lot of time in a cool environment, which can be a difficult situation if they have sensitive teeth. Why does this problem occur and how can they avoid it? And if they do occur, how can they be treated?

Why Teeth Are Sensitive To Cold

So why do ice cream vendors get sensitive teeth? They get it for the same reason that anybody does, mostly through teeth erosion. If a person's enamel wears off their teeth, the nerve underneath will be more sensitive to temperature changes. For example, an ice cream man in their truck all day is likely to suffer from painful teeth.

However, other problems can cause sensitive teeth, such as teeth grinding and gum recession. However, ice cream vendors who enjoy sampling their own wares may also be damaging their teeth and causing exposed nerves. Even worse, everyday treatments may be making the situation even worse.

Common Treatments May Be Contributing

Ice cream vendors that are trying to manage their dental health with mouthwash and brushing may end up contributing to sensitive teeth. How is that possible? Ice cream vendors with sensitive teeth who use mouthwash regularly may be exposing their teeth to acids that can damage their teeth. Talking to a dentist and getting a prescription mouthwash is a good idea in this situation.

Even worse, excessively brushing the teeth can be damaging if the teeth are brushed with a hard or worn toothbrush. Ice cream vendors with sensitive teeth should use soft bristle brushes combined with a tooth for sensitive teeth. But what if this doesn't work? It might be time for more serious treatment with a dentist.

Managing This Problem

If an ice cream vendor with sensitive teeth spends too much time in their van, they can end up causing even more damage to their teeth. Treating a troublesome sensitive tooth requires getting a toothpaste or cream that helps manage the pain. In some instances, dental procedures such as fillings or even root canals may be necessary, if the pain is severe enough.

Regular visits to the dentist are crucial to protecting the health of teeth, particularly for those who are exposed to cold temperatures regularly. While ice cream vendors may not be thought of regularly when it comes to sensitive teeth, they are just as likely, if not more likely, to suffer from more severe dental damage in the future.