Glowing White Teeth: How Do They Do That?

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Once or twice in your life you will probably meet someone who has glowing white teeth. These teeth are not only radiantly white, but so white they almost look like they could light up a pitch-black room. How do they do that? Wanting white teeth is one thing, but teeth that white takes a lot of work. Here is how these people get glowing white teeth.

No, It Is Not Brushing

Sorry. While brushing is essential for keeping teeth clean, healthy, and white, they just are not ever going to get that white with a whitening toothpaste. Sure, you could get them whiter by not eating and drinking certain foods, like coffee and chocolate, but it is highly unlikely that you are going to give all of those foods and beverages up for a modicum of whiteness. Plus, there is still the fact that many people with glowing white teeth still consume these foods and beverages, so everyone knows it is not their oral health care routine or their toothpaste.

Option A: Teeth Whitening

Can your dentist really get your teeth that white? Yes, he or she can. It takes some effort on your part too, since you have to keep brushing in between teeth whitening procedures. Glowing white teeth are the direct result of a couple of professional teeth whitening sessions and constant brushing with a whitening toothpaste. If you are ready to commit to this level of white and the work it takes, you can go this route, but there is always Option B too.

Option B: Veneers

There is a brand-name veneer that you can purchase which is so white it practically glows. However, most veneers will give you an unbelievably white smile anyway. Veneers are adhered to the front surfaces of your teeth. They may initially feel quite strange because you can still feel your own teeth behind the veneers. Many Hollywood celebrities opt for veneers because the veneers hide several other flaws in your teeth, not just discoloration. Veneers also have a bit of shine to them that reflects camera lights and stage lights, giving actors and actresses a literally dazzling smile.

The downside to veneers is that they can break and chip, especially if you have a tendency or bad habit of using your own teeth to open bags of chips or soda bottles and cans. If you can train yourself out of this habit, then veneers are a safe option. If you cannot, go with teeth whitening instead.