Have TMJ? Protect Your Teeth From Grinding With Veneers

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Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause a lot of problems for its sufferers. In addition to the discomfort and pain in the joints themselves, TMJ sufferers are more likely to grind their teeth. This can cause serious tooth damage if the problem goes on long enough without treatment. Thankfully, there's an easy fix: dental veneers. Read on to learn how dental veneers can save your teeth if you grind and have TMJ.

Grinding Teeth Damage

If you habitually grind your teeth, chances are you already know that doing so can wear down the enamel of your teeth. However, you might be surprised to know how much further the damage can go.

Habitual grinding of teeth, over time, can potentially cause severe tooth damage, even resulting in total tooth loss. In addition to the tooth damage, grinding your teeth can cause an increase of stress on the temporomandibular joint, which can accelerate the cartilage loss of the joint. This could increase your risk for developing arthritis, as the bone may lose its cushion and begin to rub against other bones.


Unlike implants, veneers are a simple porcelain cover that goes over your teeth. It improves the appearance of uneven or damaged teeth, which you might have if you grind regularly. Veneers are typically made on an individual basis and are perfectly matched to your existing tooth color. However, beyond custom-ordering the veneers for your mouth, the installation time is extremely short and usually doesn't require any drilling or cause any harm to your existing teeth.

Tooth Protection

In addition to improving your looks, veneers can help to protect your teeth, too. When veneers are put in place, they absorb the impact of eating, chewing, and tooth grinding. While it's best to try and find ways to stop grinding your teeth, veneers will take the impact of any grinding that you do rather than your teeth.

Veneers are very strong and can generally withstand just as much wear and tear as real teeth, so even if you continue to grind, veneers should serve you for many years. For that time, your teeth will no longer be impacted by the grinding, which will tremendously reduce the risk of tooth loss and further damage to your teeth.

Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause serious problems for your teeth, jaw, and joints. Talk to a local dentist, such as those found at Dansville Family Dental Care, about having veneers installed to reduce the stress on your teeth.