2 Herbal Teas To Help Remove Plaque Buildup After A Xenograft Procedure

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A xenograft procedure is extremely effective in creating a healthy foundation for your future dental implants. The procedure involves transferring bone and tissues to the site where your dental implants will eventually be inserted. Once the surgical site heals and your bone grows, then your dental implants will be inserted. Before then, your surgical site needs to be kept free of plaque while it heals. This can be a struggle to properly do because touching the site while it heals can cause irritation and inflammation. Fortunately, there are a few teas that you can make from home in order to thwart any attempts of plaque buildup after your xenograft.

Balsam Fir Tea

Balsam fir can be transformed into a powerful antibacterial tea. The herb contains a strong mint and pine scent. Balsam fir's antibacterial and astringent properties make it ideal for removing plaque buildup around your gums, teeth, and the surgical site. You can quickly make your own balsam fir tea by placing two teaspoons of the dried herb into a small pot of hot water. Add three slices of lemon to the pot and place it on medium heat until it boils. Once the mixture boils, set it to the side and allow it to cool. Drink the tea before and after your meals in order to get rid of any potential plaque buildup.

Cranberry tea

You may be familiar with cranberry juice; however, cranberry tea is just as frequently used because of its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Cranberry is extremely effective in cleansing your body of harmful toxins. When used in your oral care routine, cranberry tea will help to destroy plaque buildup. In order to create a cranberry tea, add three spoonfuls of dried cranberries and one spoonful of green tea to a small pot of water. Place the pot on the stove to boil for a few minutes. Once done, remove the pot and allow it to cool. Drink the tea in the morning and before bed in order to reduce any plaque buildup. If you want your tea a little sweeter, then you can add a spoonful of honey or another sweetener of your choice to the drink before consuming.

Plaque buildup can make your recovery process frustrating if you do not get it under control as quickly as possible. Therefore, use these herbal teas to help keep your mouth healthy after your xenograft procedure is done.

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