Important Facts To Consider When You Need Emergency Dental Care And Lack Dental Insurance

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If you are one of the 85 million Americans that do not have dental insurance, you could be living in fear of needing emergency dental care. When that overwhelming pain or a sudden physical problem occurs, affording a dentist for emergency dental care can seem impossible. Fortunately, you may have options that you are unaware of -- if the worst happens. 

Determine What You Need As Opposed To What You Would Like To Have

If you are on a tight budget and do not have dental insurance, it may be time to make some tough decisions. For example, if a tooth is infected or broken, removing it as soon as possible is crucial for reducing your pain and eliminating the infection. Antibiotics and pain medication are often needed as part of your treatment plan.

The dentist may suggest a crown, implant or other replacement for the missing tooth and that is obviously the best choice. However, if you lack the money to do so, talk with your dentist to see if it is possible to delay the replacement.  Although you may need to go a while lacking that tooth, your dentist may be able to work with you. The underlying problem will be treated and you can then plan for how to afford the replacement soon.

Find Out If Part Or All Of The Procedure Is Covered Under Your Health Insurance

It is important to note that the recent changes the health care system in the United States have provided medical insurance or medical assistance programs to many people without access to it in previous years. If you are new to medical insurance or your coverage has changed as the result of those changes, it is a good idea to review the details of your medical insurance plan.

In some instances, the removal of wisdom teeth is considered to be a medical necessity and would therefore be eligible for at least partial payment from your insurance company. In addition, oral and maxillofacial procedures, both of which can impact your overall oral health, are often deemed to be a medical necessity and similarly compensated.

That means that if your jaw or face was injured due to disease or an illness, your costs could be reduced. You will also find that your dentist and his staff can help you determine what your costs will be and if your health insurance company can assist with the work you need, even if it is as little as the cost of your prescription medication.