What To Expect For An Apicoectomy Procedure

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When you have a terrible fear of visiting your dentist, you may do most anything to get out of going. In some cases, however, when your problems have graduated to the dentist needing to perform a root canal, the work will need to be done -- you can't risk putting it off for a later date. Below is a brief overview of what you should expect when going in for an apicoectomy procedure.

Who Does the Apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is better known as a root canal, and an Endodontist performs it. One of the primary roles of the Endodontist is to treat specific disorders. One of the most common involves root canals, which treat dental pulp. Since this procedure is typically performed while the patient is awake, it's important to get a firm understanding of the procedure, so you can remain calm during the process.

Starting the Procedure

One of the primary reasons for a root canal is when the tooth is decayed beyond repair. Therefore, the dentist's job is to remove the pulp from the tooth and then fill the cavity of the pulp. By filling the open area, he/she will help to prevent infection.

It is also important to note that prior to starting this kind of procedure, your dentist will numb this area in your mouth. Based on your tolerance for pain and your preference for anesthesia, you may request to be asleep during this time. Your Endodontist will advise you on this before your procedure, as someone will more than likely need to transport you back home.

What Happens Once the Procedure is Over?

Once the pulp has been removed and the procedure is complete, the Endodontist will provide you with information about the next few hours and days. For instance, if you were given medicine to numb the area, you will still feel numb for a few hours. If the anesthetic wears off and you are still in a substantial amount of pain, you may need to take some pain medications to help with alleviating the problems. Some Endodontists will prescribe strong pain medications for the first day or so.

Knowing what to expect in an Apicoectomy is one of the keys to being calm during this procedure. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information your Endodontist and regular dentist will have in their office and review with you ahead of your procedure. By the time you have it done, you'll be calm and ready for it. For more information, speak with experts like Family Dentistry Of Woodstock.