How To Care For Yourself After Dental Implant Surgery

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If you are having a dental implant installed at a clinic like for the very first time, you may have some questions about the type of care that can be expected immediately following the procedure. Taking care of yourself after getting a dental implant is simple, just make sure to follow these tips.

Avoid Disturbing The Implant

If it going to be awkward those first few days following the procedure. You may be tempted to run your tongue over the implant, or to touch it with your fingers. You should try to avoid disturbing the implant as much as you possibly can during the first few days. Leaving it alone will help the area heal, and for the implant to set in place.

Avoid chewing food on the side of your mouth that your dental implant is on. If you had dental implants installed on both sides of your mouth, switch to a soft food diet for the first few days that does not require chewing.

Ice Any Swelling

There will most likely be swelling and bruising following the procedure, which is completely normal and expected. Be sure to keep ice on your face to reduce swelling. It helps to wrap an ice pack in a cloth to avoid causing skin burns to your face.

Remember that ice is best used to reduce swelling, and heat is for reducing pain. Use ice within the first few days following the procedure. If the swelling has gone down and the pain persists, switch to heat on the affected area.

Take Pain Medication

You will have some degree of pain in the area after the implant is installed. Your dentist will have prescribed you some pain medication to take within the first few days following the procedure. Be sure to use it! Some people may avoid taking pain medications due to the side effect of constipation, but avoiding pain medication will make the recovery process miserable. It helps to take stool softeners as well if constipation is a concern.

Use Gauze To Soak Up Blood

You may be tempted to rinse your mouth out and spit into the sink to clean up any blood, but the spitting motion can put added stress on your implant and gums during the initial recovery period. Use gauze to soak up any blood that is in your mouth. If you do rinse, let the water drip out of your mouth instead of spitting.

By following these steps, it will help ensure that your recovery goes smoothly.